On not being the Favourite

“You’re not my favourite Mamma – Dadda is my favourite!” My son’s passionate little squishy “just-turned-three-and-I’m-defying-you” face tells it all.  *Sigh* … here we go again.

I read a blog recently about how Mums should ‘take it as a compliment that their children feel free to express their emotions, especially negative ones, when Mum comes home from work. It means their child feels comfortable enough to do so’.  I thought at the time, sure, ok, but it’s not easy to take comfort in the that my sweet little angel seems very comfortable himself in stating this out loud and often with as much passion as he can muster.

Of course, being the mother of a toddler, I know not to take things like this to heart. He is simply trying to figure out ways to exert some form of control over his environment (and people) around him.  I do, however, take great pleasure in his equally passionate insistence that he is a Robot (or a frog, or a dinosaur, or a cat), and I am Mumma Robot (or frog, or dinosaur or cat) and we have to move our arms like a robot and do the robot dance together!  

Funnily enough, as his Dadda has been travelling for work recently, it would appear that while Dadda is away, I am actually his favourite – yay!  And while we do miss having his Dadda around at those times, boy, do I enjoy those words when I am fortunate enough to hear them.

So here’s to not being the favourite, or being the favourite depending on the day, and loving our little ones to bits!

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