Is “Natural” and “Organic” skincare safe enough for your baby?

organic and natural baby UAE

Natural and Organic skincare products are extremely mainstream now, particularly for savvy
parents on the lookout for baby skincare products, and rightly so as the delicate skin of babies is thin
and still developing. By selecting the natural route, we are giving babies a better chance of avoiding
skin conditions such as eczema and allergic reactions. But putting “natural” or “organic” on a baby
lotion bottle doesn’t necessarily mean that the contents are free of chemicals, preservatives and
fragrances which certainly don’t have their origins in plants, and which may have been sprayed with
pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

While regulation is improving, it still hasn’t quite caught up with our industry, so it’s a good idea for
parents to read labels before choosing a natural product and when doing so, here are some red
flags to look for:

1. Ingredient list – Similar to food labels, if it’s in tiny lettering and contains more than five or six
ingredients, take a closer look as you may find something in there check them all, because
somewhere in there you’re likely to find something that spikes the natural label. Simple ingredients
make skin reactions less likely.

2. Fragrances – For a Newborn or baby under 6 months it is recommended to avoid them. Baby
products, especially those for new-borns, need to be as bland as possible. Often natural ingredients
are aromatic and that’s about as much perfume as is needed.

3. Potential skin irritants – These can trigger allergies or eczema and some of the usual suspects are  oils such as peanut, surfactants known as
‘sulphates’ which cause a product to foam (these can be responsible for stripping the skin of its
natural, protective oils), artificial additives, mineral oil, lanolin etc.

4. Artificial preservatives, colourants, and alcohol – These all add to a long ingredient list, and can
should be avoided. They are intended to make the product look attractive, give it a longer shelf life
and withstand extreme temperatures. None of these adds to the nurturing of a baby’s skin.

5. Essential oils – Essential oils can be very strong and can damage skin. There are oils that can be used,
such as jojoba and sweet almond oil, which are often base oils for a skincare product and are quite
safe. Others, such as lavender, are not suitable for baby skin and essential oils should be avoided
until 6 months of age.

The product line – Aromababy is an excellent example of a brand that is made unadulterated to suit every single baby! It’s talcum powder is 100% talc free and the bath range is carefully created with certified organic, natural and pure ingredients. Living in the UAE? It’s available here too! Get hold of them here –

Next time you’re out looking for products for your tiny tot, we hope you keep in mind the following points along with looking out for messages that indicate that the brand is backed up by great research, associated with regulatory bodies and is well established and trusted.

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