Is Nappy-free time really that necessary?

No discussions here…Nappy-free time needs to be an inevitable part of your baby’s day.

Imagine wearing a sanitary napkin all through the year. Yuck – it doesn’t sound too comfortable does it? Constant use of a diaper does exactly that to your little one and apart from the horrible nappy rashes, there are some more reasons why nappy-free time is an essential for every baby.

1) Promotes healthy movement – Without the restriction of clothes, babies can move their legs and move around freely and enable a full range of movements

2) Reading signs and patterns – Observing your child during nappy free-time can help you read his/ her actions and behaviour before their tinkle. This helps you immediately know before the baby is going to relieve themselves.

3) Promoting back and belly balance – Enabling unrestrictive movement on their bellies, helps them develop their upper body strength and mobility of other muscle groups.

4) Vitamin D! One of the most common vitamin deficiencies in the UAE, it can affect moods and bone development. If you have access to outdoor space, why not let your little one enjoy some sunshine as well.

Now, we all know there can be some inconveniences that come with nappy-free time, such as potential ‘spills’ and messes, so of course, the perfect solution was designed by a Mum, who created s snug, comfortable, take anywhere, machine washable, water-proof playmat that also come in two fun hand drawn designs and she called it ‘Rudie Nudie’. How great is that!

Now available in the UAE for the first time, they are the new ‘must have’ for parents and you’ll wonder how you lived without one!Click here for more info and shop for your mats from the below links –


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