Flying with Baby? 3 Travel Essentials for helping baby (and you) get some rest

Before I became a travelling Mum myself, I’d never paid that much attention to the airline bassinets and sleeping arrangements for babies until I was planning my own trip.The truth is the baby bassinets are designed for a no-sleep baby! Not only are the bassinets completely open to the cabin lights shining sometimes DIRECTLY onto them, but they are also so shallow baby is easily distracted by people constantly walking past, not to mention shiny video screens. How on earth can a baby sleep with all that going on!

Wanting to Be Prepared, I read lots of articles and blogs about travelling with babies and besides the usual advice; give baby something to chew or suck at takeoff and landing (I found the Wubbanub great for a baby who doesn’t like a pacifier but might chew the toy), bring something new to keep their interest etc. By far however, the 3 best ideas I found for a calm, somewhat peaceful and sleep-friendly flight were as follows.

First, a combined thermos with insulated cup which was perfect for heating bottles, warming food, sterilizing dropped pacifiers, cleaning mess from clothes etc. without the need to call the steward and wait for them to either provide boiling water or warm the bottle / food for you, which, when your baby is crying, can seem like forever.

Second, a portable change mat (to provide a hygienic and soft layer for the hard change tables) and changing supplies packed in their own small bag that you can easily hold while also carrying your baby to and from the bathroom

Finally, and the most important for effectively helping baby sleep was the CoziGo Sleep & Sun Cover. Designed to fit over bassinets and strollers and is approved by many airlines including Qantas and Emirates. This genius device turns your otherwise open airline bassinet into a miniature dark sleeping pod, which means some rest for you, for baby and other passengers as well.

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