The best-kept secret for sunburn

Sunburn can take you by surprise, and often it happens under circumstances you least expect. When I take my toddler to the beach, I’m very careful to put them into their UV suits, make them wear a hat, and cover them in sun cream. I also don’t take them out in the heat of the day. But you could be taking a stroll with your baby in a pushchair, and a foot or hand could be exposed to the sun unknowingly. The next thing you know your baby’s skin is pink and they’re crying from the pain. Specialists say that the chances of skin cancer are greatly increased if a child gets sunburn before the age of 20. And it can happen so easily, too. I’ve known that awful guilt when my child has burnt in the sun and I didn’t even notice.

I think rosehip oil must be one of nature’s best-kept secrets for treating sunburn . Chemists call it a “fixed” oil, as opposed to a “volatile” oil. This means rosehip can be used on the skin, whereas many essential oils can’t be used in this way. Especially on baby skin.

Rosehip heals and soothes sunburnt and scarred skin. It’s very easily absorbed and has strong healing properties. It’s high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids – essential for retaining moisture and reducing inflammation. In adults it’s used to reduce blemishes caused by the sun, and slow the skin ageing process.

Nobody wants their child’s skin to burn, but it can happen accidently, and when it does, reach for the rosehip, because it’s the best thing for soothing and healing.

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